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What to Expect

Your first encounter with Dr. Jacklin is not just an appointment, but a comprehensive exploration of your health. She takes the time to understand you as an individual, diving deep into your personal health journey to gain a clear picture of your current situation.

Personalized Understanding: 
Dr. Jacklin believes in the power of truly getting to know her patients. She takes the time to understand not just your symptoms, but also your aspirations and lifestyle, ensuring she captures the full context of your health.

Root Cause Analysis
One of Dr. Jacklin’s core strengths lies in her ability to uncover the underlying causes of health issues. She goes beyond treating symptoms, aiming to identify and address the root cause of ailments. This approach is fundamental to her practice of holistic healing.

Customized Treatment Plan
After gaining a thorough understanding of your health, Dr. Jacklin will lay out a personalized treatment plan. This typically begins with a complete acupuncture session, designed to rebalance your body’s energy flow and kickstart your healing process. Beyond acupuncture, Dr. Jacklin may suggest other treatments that complement your healing journey. These could range from dietary changes to mindfulness practices, always chosen with your specific needs in mind.

Extended First Session
To ensure a comprehensive understanding and start to your treatment, your initial session with Dr. Jacklin will last at least 90 minutes, and includes a full acupuncture treatment. This also includes laying out a proposed course of treatment, tailored to support your journey towards better health.