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You only have to read these reviews from Yelp to understand how beloved Dr. Jacklin is among her clients!

“Over the years, Jacklin has helped me with pain, anxiety, stress, sleep – and all at different times. She has worked with my wife and children and all with care and sensitivity. Highly recommend working with her.”
Ari E.


“4 yrs ago I had a severe frozen shoulder on my left arm. By recomendation of a friend, I went to Dr. Jaklin’s office. After a few monthsI got healed. Now I got the same situation on my right arm. I did not hesitate to go back to Dr. Jaklin fot treatment, Her work is excellent. She is a great healer.”
Behnaz P.


“Dr. Jacklin Arastouzadeh has come to my aid over the years, more times than I can count. Dr. Jacklin works well solo or in conjunction with western medicine. I prefer to have my treatment via acupuncture and herbs, as opposed to western medicine where the main focus is drugs that have a tendency to mask the problem instead of getting to the root cause of the problem and curing the root cause of the problem.

Dr. Jacklin was one of the key doctors in my treatment for recovery and health after a near death experience from a serious accident that required numerous surgeries to rebuild and replace lost bone, I healed more swiftly than any patients my age that my doctors had ever seen. My bones mended fast and strong, the swelling and discomfort after each of the surgeries was less than normal. The aftermath of over a dozen surgeries my nervous system and immune function were ailing and with the care, concern and proper diagnosis from Dr. Jacklin all is coming along well.
Dr. Jacklin has treated me from simple ailments to herniated disks where I avoided surgery to a speedy recovery.

I am grateful to have such a thoughtful, caring physician such as Dr. Jacklin Arastouzadeh to help me along a somewhat bumpy road. I highly recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture.”
Cynthia M.


“Dr. Jacklin Arastouzadeh was an angel who was sent from God to treat my injuries.

I have received great treatment and services at Dr. Jacklin Arastouzadeh’s office. At the beginning I was scared of the needles and I did not want to do acupuncture. Dr. Arastouzadeh was very patient, gentle, and kind and she helped me overcome my fear. Acupuncture works amazingly. The needles are very small and not scary.

I had tendonitis on both wrist and elbow. The pain was so severe that I was not able to work and do any daily living activities. The pain was radiating from my wrists to elbows and shoulders and I was not able to have normal life. I tried everything such as anti-inflammatory treatments, cortisone shots, and physical therapy, but nothing worked. I was scheduled to have surgery, but I decided to try acupuncture before.

Since I began my acupuncture treatment with Dr. Arastouzadeh, I feel better and I am able to work and resume my daily activities. I don’t have pain anymore. I got my life back again. Acupuncture worked and the tendonitis in my writs is cured.

Dr. Jacklin Arastouzadeh specializes in sports medicine and she is highly experienced in the treatment of sport related injuries. She cares for her patients and she tries to find the root of the problem using her vast experience in Chinese Medicine. She is very compassionate and she provides outstanding service.
I have talked to other patients at her office and they report recovering since they began her treatments. In addition, she is very spiritual and she prays for her patients in order for them to feel better. Words are not enough to describe my gratitude for Dr. Arastouzadeh.

I had a great experience at her office and I am glad that I chose to have acupuncture treatments.”


“I would like to recommend Dr. Jacklin to anyone that might be experiencing pain any part of there body. I am an example that I had a severe pain in my right arm I had it for a week. I could not do anything with my right arm but after 1 treatment with Jacklie the following day it was gone completely, so I am feeling 100% better. the pain is gone, It is just like a miracle thanks to Dr. Jackie for acupuncture. I am very grateful to the treatment she gave me. I would highly recommend. anyone to try Dr. Jackie if they have any pain in the body.”
Zelda R.


“I’ve been going to Dr. Jacklin for about a month for thyroid and digestive problems. She pinpointed the cause of my difficulties, parasites brought back from India twenty years ago, by a saliva test which tests for about anything, it seems, that could be wrong with you. She’s given me natural medicines to cure the problem plus relaxing acupuncture treatments. Her thoroughness and kindness is greatly appreciated.”
Donna H.


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