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With over 30 years of experience in the field and a refined system that gets straight to the root of your health issues, it’s no wonder that Dr. Jacklin gets nothing but rave reviews from her patients. 

Dr. Jacklin is known for her skillful and intuitive touch, to get to the root of your health needs. From facial rejuvenation, weight loss, depression and anxiety, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, all the way to digestive disorders, allergies, arthritis, all body pain, fertility, female/male disorders, and dental pain, Dr. Jacklin’s acupuncture and herbal medicine works to alleviate many of these issues.  Remember, prevention is the key to your wellness.

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Dr. Jacklin recently did a podcast with Jeff Cohen where she talked about how she got into holistic health, why it’s critical for BOTH health and beauty, and how you can set up an appointment.

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Dr. Jacklin has been treating me for several issues that I’ve had for a while now, and they’re coming along nicely. She’s very patient, caring, and takes the time to really understand and treat your ailments from a holistic perspective. If you’re looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable doctor, look no further – I highly recommend Dr. Jacklin!” — Amy H.


Compassionate, knowledgeable and caring are the words that describe Doctor Jacklin Arastouzadeh. She is an excellent acupuncturist that knows how to treat every part of your body. Instead of taking three kinds of antibiotics for my h-pylori stomach bacteria, she treated me with herbal medication and acupuncture and the bacteria is completely gone. She is always optimistic and has a nice smile that cures your problems. I highly recommend her.”  Ana R


Nearly a year ago I was suffering from digestive disorders. I had been to several western doctors who were unable to treat my symptoms. I was hesitant to try eastern medicine, as I had been to an acupuncturist before who had hurt me, but after a referral I decided to try give Dr. Jacklin a try. I’m so glad I did. Not only was she gentle, attentive and compassionate, but my symptoms immediately began to improve. I’ve since moved away from town but she helped me so much that I still fly back just to see her. I highly recommend dr jacklin.” — Mya W.

Treatment for Beauty

Did you know that treatment is available to enhance your natural beauty in a holistic way? Cosmetic acupuncture, also known as ‘Acu-face-lifts’, is gaining popularity as a natural alternative to traditional beauty treatments like Botox.

This minimally invasive therapy not only improves circulation, providing your skin with essential nutrients and oxygen for a healthy glow, but it also stimulates the production of collagen to improve skin elasticity and smooth out wrinkles. Experience beauty from the inside out with this ancient practice.

Ask Dr. Jacklin about acupuncture for wrinkles and facial rejuvenation today!